Self-doubt is the seed of all that fails to grow. I would encourage any founder to work through any unrealized feeling of self-doubt.

There is no substitute for hard work. After all, it is the best predictor of success. However, you should strive to work smarter as well. If you are not happy with the current results — stop and ask — what can I do differently — how can I make it…

When it comes to wine & spirits, some people want to stick with what they know they like, and that’s fine. There are a lot of great “legacy” brands out there that have been around 100 years for a reason. We build our brands to last too, and they are…

Timing. You can have the right idea and the right team, but if you miss on the timing you’re going to likely strike out. I’ve been guilty of being on the tail end of a market trend and it’s not a good place to be. You end up fighting a…

‘Don’t limit your dreams, don’t limit your power, don’t limit yourself for anyone else.’

The way we choose to approach obstacles in our lives, both professionally and personally, has a direct impact on the outcome.

Photo Credit: Steven Lee

I am a big believer in sourcing and cooking with the right food source.

Tackle the toughest challenges first remove the “impending doom cloud”

— Maintain balance and pace yourself. Emerging a brand is a long journey, but it’s also extremely fast paced and exciting.

Alexandra Spirer

I am an entrepreneur, publicist, journalist and event producer based in Sunny Florida. My passion is writing & giving back to others.

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