‘Don’t limit your dreams, don’t limit your power, don’t limit yourself for anyone else.’

The way we choose to approach obstacles in our lives, both professionally and personally, has a direct impact on the outcome.

Photo Credit: Steven Lee

I am a big believer in sourcing and cooking with the right food source.

Tackle the toughest challenges first remove the “impending doom cloud”

— Maintain balance and pace yourself. Emerging a brand is a long journey, but it’s also extremely fast paced and exciting.

Action is the antidote to fear. Any time I feel overwhelmed or unsure what to do next, I just do my best to prioritize and take action.

Be patient, look at the long term vision and trust that as long as you focus on making the best products everything will work out.

Photographer Jeff Nicholson

When you are loving yourself for existing, then you can start to love others that exist differently than you.

The best writers, to me, are the best readers. I would encourage aspiring writers to read widely.

Alexandra Spirer

I am an entrepreneur, publicist, journalist and event producer based in Sunny Florida. My passion is writing & giving back to others.

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