East Meets West at Tadashi Shoji’s Fall 2020 Ready to Wear Runway Show during NYFW

Photo Credit: Zimbio.com

On Thursday, February 6, 2020 I had the opportunity to interview iconic fashion designer Tadashi Shoji backstage before his show at Spring Studios where he showed his latest collection which he entitled “East Meets West”

He shared with us his inspiration for his collection! His Inspiration comes from the Mongolian Empire, from the 13th century to 15th century. What’s West? What’s East? East meets West, not West meets East. East meets West in history. The Big Empire where all the culture is spreading from east to west. He said “Everybody is thinking west to east, but I want to show east to west.”

Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi also shared that what makes him so different from other fashion designers is to not forget “our philosophy, inclusion, diversity, any age and any nationality. That’s what he’s talking about with East meets West as well. You get old and even more there are Asian to Black to the Caucasian women and even age from the young 17 year old to 40-something year old ladies”.

This collection unlike previous collections is much dressier. He is using overcoats with faux fur over them. He is also mixing outwear over his evening coats and dresses with amazing brocades and motifs.

His collection had amazing vibrant jewel tones in various colors including sapphire blue, turquoise, red and green as well as metallic gold and silver pieces that glittered down the runway. Each piece truly captured East Meets West.

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